Best Interior Decorating Secrets – Decorating Tips and Tricks

You may have just moved to a new city and found yourself a cozy little apartment that you want to call home or just fancy freshening up your comfort zone, clever interior design can change the atmosphere and aura at home drastically. Some clever cues come with basically zero effort but have a large impact on how you feel when at home, be it changing the tone of color, a few mirrors that play with how light flows through your space to something simple as an intelligently placed painting or just a single decorative cactus. Here are a few secrets designers usually use to completely revamp a home or make your new freshly painted apartment a home.


• Living on a budget?
If all you can afford is a small yet comfortable space it doesn’t help if the paint job inside makes it seem even smaller. Harsh and contrasting paints on walls can overly define boundaries and can make the outline and walls of the room seem over imposing and give the general feeling of being in a small space. Softer and lighter colors help diffuse the light blurring edges and room boundaries making the viewer feel like they’re in a larger space than they actually are. They also spread the light in a soft manner making it easy on the eyes, relaxing and calming, elevating the aura of the room, keeping it pleasant and comfortable. Take away more of the boxed feeling of the room by having large, tall windows and plenty of mirrors to bounce the light around and you will have a mansion of a room simply by employing some optical illusion.

• Don’t stick to the normal mirrors, play magician at home
Adding mirrors to your home, especially facing a window is a great idea to spread light around the space and keep it feeling alive, fresh and pleasant. Decorative mirrors with an artistic touch and flair to them do this even better. Play with color tone and patterns they reflect for an even more creative light flow at home giving the place a personal touch that works wonders. Mirrors add a dimension to your home keeping the eye subtly satisfied.

• Mix everything up, there are no rules
Your home is, well, your home. It is supposed to show your personality and flair more than anything else. If that means a relic next to a modernist painting or a minimal wardrobe to your grandfather’s actual grandfather clock, it still works. It’s alright to mix things up and show off your personality if you think it works. Interior design is all about how you want the place to feel and if something is your comfort zone, let it be.

• Repurpose not run (to the store)
You will be surprised at what your potential is. No, not a life coach advice but an interior designer one. If you look around hard enough you will discover quirky and functional things you have from years of hoarding that you can repurpose to please your aesthetic as well as functional needs. Don’t run to the store when you probably already have all the things you need to fill up your cave.

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