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Interior Decoration Styles: The Most Popular Worldwide

Interior Decoration Styles

When the decision is made to move into a new home, it is common to find rooms that are empty or styleless. They have to be brought to life, and the way to do this isby studying different decorative styles.

Before stuffing the house with elements without connection, or without personality, it is necessary to walk through the different styles of decoration that set the tone in the world. It is about dressing the house with interior design trends, to create pleasant spaces that adapt to the tastes and needs of those who will inhabit it.

1. Nordic style

It is a trend of style and decoration that has predominated for years: luminosity, light colors and elements related to nature steal all the protagonism.

1.1 History and context

Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark are credited with the fact that the Nordic gained popularity in 20th-century interior decoration style, and that it remains as a trend.

The concept arose because in these countries most of the year there is little natural light. It became a way to replace that lack of light. Hence the colors used are clear.

1.2 Characteristics and elements (materials)

The primary resource for Nordic decoration is nature, which is why the furniture is made of wood. The cushions and curtains are made of natural fabrics such as linen, cotton or wool.

Nordic Style Materials

Flower prints predominate in the style of interior decoration, and evolution towards stripes and squares has been seen. About the furniture, simplicity and straight lines combined with soft curves give it a distinctive touch.

2. Scandinavian Style

Among the decoration styles, the Scandinavian stands out for its clear spaces and minimalism. White is the predominant color; the ceiling, floor, walls, and furniture are in the same shade. The aim is to transmit peace, simplicity, and tranquillity.

2.1 History and context

The long winters of northern Europe gave way to decorative styles such as Scandinavian. The need to bring light into homes took over in the 20th century. Today it is still alive and has spread all over the world.

2.2 Characteristics and elements (materials)

The components made of light colored woods (white, beige and grey), which are combined with metals, stones, and natural fibers, stand out. Modern vintage style furniture takes the leading role in interior decoration with the Scandinavian formula.

3. Minimalist style

The minimalist interior decoration style is perfect for lovers of order, for those who feel at ease in simple and serene spaces. In this type of home interior decoration, the premise is “less is more.”

3.1 History and context

Interior decoration styles related to minimalism were born in the United States in the 1960s, but it wasn’t until the1970s that they began to take off.

3.2 Characteristics and material elements

Formica veneers that give a feeling of opulence are the key to this type of decoration. In the minimalist style, furniture should have very similar colors to the floor and walls.

Minimalist Style Idea

Smooth surfaces, glass, and stones predominate in this style of interior decoration.

4. Rustic style

The rustic design styles evoke the rural houses because the houses with an interior style of this type contribute harmony, well-being, and comfort.

 4.1 History and context

The rustic style was born from the need not to let die the traditional, so many holiday homes are decorated with this trend. Since the twentieth century, this decoration originated in various parts of the world.

It is why modern rustic interior design can vary from country to country.

4.2 Characteristics and material elements

Rustic decoration styles include cobblestone or wood floors. They are cool and bright spaces, so the colors used are warm.

The interesting thing about rustic styles is that there is a great variety of natural materials. The essential ones are the wood, the stone, the mud, the wicker and, in many cases, full spaces of harmony are obtained thanks to the ceramics. As far as fabrics are concerned, linen and cotton are the favorites.

5. Bohemian style

Bohemian interior design styles are an explosion of freedom, happiness, and life. They allow varied combinations with warm and vibrant colors.

They are easy to recognize, as yellow, orange and red predominate. They are modern style houses in balance with hippie, vintage and gypsy fashion. If in the minimalist “less is more,” in the bohemian “more is more.”

5.1 History and context

It originated from the need for a current to give value to life, to connect man with nature, and to enjoy in a more relaxed way. In the houses with bohemian interiors style, fair value is given to the old and the natural.

5.2 Characteristics and elements (materials)

Furniture practically disappears from the rooms; instead, poufs, cushions, and carpets are placed. It is a diverse and inexpensive type of decoration because much of what is used can be bought at garage sales, fairs and flea markets. Everything can be given a second chance.

Bohemian style

Natural materials such as wood, wicker, and rattan are perfect for creating bohemian spaces.

Home Security Checklist

Home Security Checklist

There are lots of changes you can do to your home to improve safety, security, and comfort. Find out how certain simple repairs can establish comfortable, injury-free, and independent home safety. Start with this list of improvements you can make easily and for free or at low cost.

Free home improvement

  • Open the curtains and blinds at daytime to bring more natural light into the home.
  • Route electrical, computer tables and telephone against the wall so that no one trips on it.
  • Remove all cables under carpeting or furniture to prevent the occurrence of fire.
  • Clean the clutter from stairs and hallways to avoid stumbling and falling.
  • Set the water heater to 49°C to save energy and avoid burns.
  • Remove rugs and clutter that can cause falls.
  • Put everything you often use in an accessible place.
  • Make sure stair rugs are securely attached.
  • Position the furniture where there is ease of passage.
  • Establish a fire escape plan.
  • Omit debris from outside aisles.
  • Trim the shrubs for a clear view from both the doors and the windows.

Low-cost home improvements

Home improvements
  • Improve lighting by using the voltage or compact fluorescent lights suitable for your devices or lamps.
  • Place night bulbs on hallways and in the bathroom.
  • Utilize a rubber bath mat with suction pads, non-slip stripes, or adhesive plates in the shower or tub.
  • Position a self-adhesive or double-sided tape under the carpets to avoid movement.
  • Replace locker knobs.
  • Use easy-to-use rocker switches to substitute the traditional light switches.
  • Place a multipurpose fire extinguisher in an accessible area near the kitchen and oven to be prepared for mishaps like a kitchen fire.
  • Install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors on every floor of the house, and most importantly next to the bedrooms.
  • Install handrails on both sides of the ladder to prevent falls.
  • Instead of knobs, put lever handles, easy to grasp, on every door.
  • Install an adjustable hand shower for comfortable bathing.
  • Install easy-to-use lever faucets in sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Some valves have anti-scald protection that is built-in.
  • Place a solid seat in the shower or tub for safety and comfort.
  • Place grab bars near toilets, bathtubs, and showers, which will make it much easier to sit and stand up.
  • Install compensating hinges on every door to widen the opening by two inches and make access easier, if necessary.
  • Install security peepholes on exterior doors at a comfortable height to identify anyone who might enter the house.
  • Install photo-sensitive switches on the porch or entrance, which will turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. You can also install timers on the interior switches of porch lights or posts.
  • Install external reflectors activated through motion sensors and illuminate the road to discourage thieves.
  • It would be best to have a professional install these products.

Interior Design Ideas for Corporate Office Setting


Gone are the days when workplaces have to be drab, uninteresting, uninspiring and demotivating. Offices are transforming into a fun and happy spaces where people socialize, cook and eat, learn and grow all the while having a productive day at work and climbing up the corporate ladder. Unless you work at the morgue, that’s an interior a little too hard to spice up, forget making jolly. Here are few design cues that will leave your office a little too nice that you’ll want to do overtime. Innovations and an overflow of ideas necessitate an office environment that promotes performance, creativity, and efficiency.

• Brick Walled Cabins
This trend has been picking up a lot of momentum lately and you’ll be able to see why. A blend of the rustic ancient style of architecture with a modern creative touch to it old clay bricks stacked with creative design leaving space for air and light in between is the ultimate modern workspace separator. This wall design allows the cabins to be separated enough to have work privacy yet leaves enough space for the employee to feel they are a part of the whole, doing good to their team psyche. The abundance of easy flowing light and air is an added bonus with the clay giving a natural cooling effect to its surroundings. Make sure it’s natural clay since the earthy smell and rustic color and texture makes a whole lot of difference.

• Open pantry and co-working spaces, and quirky colors all around
A few of us may need our office to look somewhat different and edgy and break away from the standard horrid, exhausting look. Take a stab at including all the more vibrant hues to the office and the vibe is never the same. Splendid and warm hues are certain to offer some additional vitality and freshness. Couple this with a space meant for all the different department to spend time in close proximity with everyone along with a lot of strong coffee (on the house), cake and biscuits with comfortable reclining chairs, sofas and comfortable furniture that makes the employee want to relax. Throw around magazines and book that will spark discussion. Innovative inter-disciplinary ideas are sure to follow.


• Go Green
Using wood around the office is always a great idea to keep the rustic yet modern vibe and a generally pleasant atmosphere but bringing in green plants is a game changer. Vertical gardens, tall pot plants as cabin dividers and indoor waterfalls with plants to break the splash bring the sense of peace and tranquility of the outdoors, indoors. These natural air purifiers also help with maintaining humidity and temperature while also improving employee morale by working at a subconscious level.

• Or just go black and white
Highly contrasting is never out of form. When mixed in perfect amounts, these can make the space look very much characterized and add to the sophistry to of the workplace.

Best Interior Decorating Secrets – Decorating Tips and Tricks


You may have just moved to a new city and found yourself a cozy little apartment that you want to call home or just fancy freshening up your comfort zone, clever interior design can change the atmosphere and aura at home drastically. Some clever cues come with basically zero effort but have a large impact on how you feel when at home, be it changing the tone of color, a few mirrors that play with how light flows through your space to something simple as an intelligently placed painting or just a single decorative cactus. Here are a few secrets designers usually use to completely revamp a home or make your new freshly painted apartment a home.


• Living on a budget?
If all you can afford is a small yet comfortable space it doesn’t help if the paint job inside makes it seem even smaller. Harsh and contrasting paints on walls can overly define boundaries and can make the outline and walls of the room seem over imposing and give the general feeling of being in a small space. Softer and lighter colors help diffuse the light blurring edges and room boundaries making the viewer feel like they’re in a larger space than they actually are. They also spread the light in a soft manner making it easy on the eyes, relaxing and calming, elevating the aura of the room, keeping it pleasant and comfortable. Take away more of the boxed feeling of the room by having large, tall windows and plenty of mirrors to bounce the light around and you will have a mansion of a room simply by employing some optical illusion.

• Don’t stick to the normal mirrors, play magician at home
Adding mirrors to your home, especially facing a window is a great idea to spread light around the space and keep it feeling alive, fresh and pleasant. Decorative mirrors with an artistic touch and flair to them do this even better. Play with color tone and patterns they reflect for an even more creative light flow at home giving the place a personal touch that works wonders. Mirrors add a dimension to your home keeping the eye subtly satisfied.

• Mix everything up, there are no rules
Your home is, well, your home. It is supposed to show your personality and flair more than anything else. If that means a relic next to a modernist painting or a minimal wardrobe to your grandfather’s actual grandfather clock, it still works. It’s alright to mix things up and show off your personality if you think it works. Interior design is all about how you want the place to feel and if something is your comfort zone, let it be.

• Repurpose not run (to the store)
You will be surprised at what your potential is. No, not a life coach advice but an interior designer one. If you look around hard enough you will discover quirky and functional things you have from years of hoarding that you can repurpose to please your aesthetic as well as functional needs. Don’t run to the store when you probably already have all the things you need to fill up your cave.

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